LG Ericsson iPECS-LIK50A MFIM50A Gateway Module


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LG Ericsson iPECS MFIM50A Gateway Module
The LIK-MFIM50A integrates VOIP (H323/SIP), miscellaneous functions, VSF, USB, FXS, and FXO ports in a module, which connects to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), or public and private VoIP networks.
  • All in one box solution for 20+ users: built in PTSN trunk, VM, VoIP and SLT I/F
  • Remote device connection Gateway: IP phone, DECT
  • Toll by pass with system LCR: automatic routing using remote trunk
  • System networking up to 250
  • Modular type gateway: PRI, BRI, Analog CO, IP trunk, SLT, DKT, DECT MCIM, VMIM, RSGM
  • Flexible mounting options: 19″ rack mounting, wall mounting, desktop mounting
  • Built-in system web admin: call servers include built-in web server
  • Easy to use GUI: full feature and all device access
  • Multiple level ID management: user/administration/maintenance IS, editable access control per each level of user ID
  • Zone base device management: logical device grouping
  • Station user admin: web admin for station configuration
  • SIP trunk interface: interface: interoperable with major softswitch
  • SIP extension: basic call, hold, transfer, 3 way conference
  • System redundancy: active and standard call server duplication
  • Local survivability: WAN failure back up. Central mode and local mode
  • Power redundancy: cabinet based PSU back up
  • Multi party voice conference up to 32 party with MCIM
  • Virtual conference room, conference group call, ad hoc conference
  • Built in ACD, fixed line SMS, hot desking, individual call routing, automatic call routing
  • ICLID base call routing, T.38, Built-in voice mail, multi language auto attendant, email notification of VM and more
  • Wireless IP phone: proprietary system terminal
  • Mobile extension: GSM/CDMA linked as a system extension. One number service
  • PRIM, MRIM2/4, LGCM4/8, VOIM8/24, SLTM4/8/32, DTIM8, WTIM4/8, POE8, MCIM, VMIM, RSGM system gateways
  • MCKTE, 1URMB, PSU, WBRKTE, WHLD, DHLD and DHE system housing
  • System terminals: LIP-8000 and 7000, LDP-7000, WIT-400H
  • Applications: Phontage, UCS, NMS, UMS, UDM, ez-attendant, IP networking, 3rd party interfaces (TAPI, SMDR, SMDI, ACD, AIM)
  • IP Security and QoS: IPSec, SRTP, 802.1p/Q, IP TOS, Diffserv pre-tagging, TLS 1.0, SSL 3.0
  • VoIP Interface: H.323 v$, SIP(Trunk/Extension), RTP/RTCP, STUN, G.711/G.723/G.729, T.38
  • Application protocol: https, FTP, TFTP, DHCP, PPPoE, SNMP


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