BOSâNOVA 8 Port Analogue BV5208 Bosanova


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BOSâNOVA 8 Port Analogue BV5208 Bosanova
BOSâNOVA Claro is the first point-to-point call routing solution that meets all the demands of businesses in controlling call costs — without sacrificing call quality or data safety. It provides free gateway-to-gateway calling over existing IP networks whenever QoS is above user-specified parameters. When QoS degrades, calls are routed transparently to the PSTN. No matter what, you can make a carrier-grade phone call. Fully secure with the BOSâNOVA Blue Seal Security Lock, BOSâNOVA Claro is simple to install, easy to maintain, and completely user-transparent.
  • Automatic call type detection (voice/fax)
  • Modem support through pass-through
  • Automatic stripping and appending of digits to dialed numbers
  • Automatic least cost routing options (carrier selection; hop-off)
  • Smart QoS-driven automatic multi-path call switching
  • Pass-through to user-selected PSTN destination
  • 8-Port


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